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Scientific documentation

Personal GNU GPL Code

Inherently, this code is work in progress and hence not totally reliable. A few things have also been poorly implemented due to low language knowledge or time constraints.
Most programs require Opensource tree, and essentially "macro.h"
Comments and suggestions welcome!
  • Latest tarball of my Opensource general-purpose C++ classes, C macros and utilities, and even Lisp code.
  • Latest tarball of my 3D Volume handling library, featuring Analyze AIR format support.

GNU Emacs

Emacs is a really powerfull framework for text/code edition & development. My only reproach concerns its uncivilized shortcuts (C-x C-f to open a file, wow). Please, do not hesitate to revamp all shortcuts you don't like to easily access functions you often need (for this, have a look on my .emacs, among others).

  • My personal configuration: .emacs file and emacs directory, to copy to your root dir.
    Many other better .emacs files can be found on dotemacs.de, on dotfiles.com, and some other are quoted on emacs-wikiw.
  • My french starter tutorial for emacs can be found here. This is just the beginning of a larger tutorial project, but for now, my commented .emacs is far more exhaustive *sigh*.
  • A nice overview of vial shortcuts: Emacs refcard.
  • A (limited) personnal collection of programming tips under emacs. Cf also CEDET for a more exhaustive insight on using emacs as a mature IDE.
  • A nice and friendly french tutorial to start with emacs from scratch. This other one seems really great also, just like this other one.
  • The french version of the official GNU-emacs tutorial: not too hard, and quite exhaustive. Once you get a little used to emacs, take time to try it out.
    Other nice ressources from linux-france.
  • Emacs/Xemacs wiki site, featuring the most dirty and useful tricks. Really recommended for beginners also.
  • Emacs for Windows version and FAQ.
  • Emacs website 'a la slashdot', in french. This site seems offline since a while already: please warn me if you manage to locate it. Otherwise, expect some archives to be wildly posted soon ;)
  • Official GNU Emacs website.
  • Official XEmacs website, since Xemacs is not GNU-emacs.
  • Emacs Lisp Language Reference
  • An Emacs Lisp programming guide, by Robert J. Chassel.
  • An auctex mini-howto for LaTeX document edition.
  • A very nice emacs personal webpage at XSteve's.


GNU bash

ANSI Common Lisp

VTK library

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